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photos/Day Camp/2005/Day Camp 2005-07-14 084.jpg
Day Camp 2005-07-14 084
Date/Time - 2001:07:13 00:00:00
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Day Camp 2004-07-16 017
Camera - FinePix A303
Date/Time - 2004:07:16 17:05:30
photos/Day Camp/2001/Day Camp 2001-07-13 030.jpg
Day Camp 2001-07-13 030
Camera -
Date/Time - 2001:07:13 00:00:00

This is the former home of the Cherokee District of Circle 10 Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Alas that District is no more ... Things change and time marches on. So why not just remove the site?
There is a wealth of information as well as thousands of photos of District events past that are worth preserving. With that in mind please enjoy this nostalgic look at scouting past.

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